Why You Need To Hire a Professional Photographer

Do you know anyone that fancies themselves as a good photographer? Maybe someone that has all the latest gadgets and equipment, but just can’t seem to take a good clear picture to save their life. Or just has a dark cloud over them when they pick up a camera or video recorder. I have a family member that falls into this category and I wanted to share one of his many painful experiences and hopefully help you avoid his pitfalls. After reading this article, you will surely understand why you should hire a professional photographer for those very special moments in your life.

For the purpose of this article, we’ll call him Bob.

Over Bob’s lifetime, he has had many memorable events worth capturing on film, the birth of his 3 children (and their children), his parents 50th wedding anniversary, and all the “firsts” associated with a large and very close family. And with each event, Bob was right there with his camera(s) snapping shot after memorable shot, or so he thought. Never once did it cross his mind to hire a professional photographer.

Let me share one of his very painful experiences with you.

Bob’s parents celebrated 50 wonderful years as husband and wife. Like many other couples of that generation, for many years, they struggled to make ends meet. When Bob was young, his father took any job he could find to earn money (a lesson for many men today) and his mother made sure the family always had a warm and healthy meal to eat and clean clothes to wear. Bob was very proud of his parents and the sacrifices they made over the years, so when their 50th wedding anniversary came around, there was no doubt that Bob and his siblings would have an amazing celebration for them.

Every detail was attended to, all except one. The rest of the family wanted to hire a professional photographer to capture the event, but Bob proudly exclaimed that he would take care of the photography and give the pictures to his parents as a special gift. Everyone reluctantly agreed.

Fast forward to the wedding anniversary. It was a beautiful summer day. The caterer set up a stunning display of food, the ice sculpture carved an amazing heart shape with the words “Happy 50th Anniversary” across it, and everyone that was invited actually attended to help celebrate this event.

And there was Bob with a camera around his neck ready to capture every memorable moment of this perfect day.

Instead of having his parents and guests pose for those boring same old shots, Bob thought he would just wander through the party, stealthly snapping pictures of people talking, laughing and having a great time. So instead of mingling with the guests, people he has not seen in many years, Bob walked around all afternoon with his 35 mm camera, taking shot after memorable shot. This will be the best gift Bob could give his parents.

After about 4 hours into the party, as Bob went to reload his film, he made a startling discovery. The lens cap had been on his camera the entire time, and not one of his pictures turned out. By the time he realized this, some of the older family friends had already left the party, and others started clearing out as well. Needless to say, this was very devastating to Bob for a couple of reasons. First, he missed sharing this wonderful event fully with his family and friends. But also he didn’t have any pictures to give his parents.